How to make a slip stitch

maglia bassissima

Today we speak about…

how to make a slip stitch.

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Are you ready to crochet?

Now we start to learn how to crochet a SLIP STITCH:

How to crochet a slip stitch:

  1. Insert the crochet hook under both loops of the second chain from hook;
  2. Yarn over and draw the yarn through both loops of the stitch and loop on the hook.
  3. Repeat the first and the second point in each stitches till the end of the row.

The slip stitch is the shortest of all crochet stitches.

Slip stitch are not often used on their own to produce a large piece fabric.

Uses for slip stitches:

The slip stitch is really more a technique than a stitch. Slip stitch is versatile and you can do different things:

  • join with a slip stitch to form a ring
  • joining the end of a round to the beginning of the round
  • you can used as a design element
  • in surface crochet
  • fabrics crocheted in slip stitch
  • slip stitch edgings
  • to move yarn across a group of stitches without adding height,
  • to stitch the ends of a foundation chain to form a ring.
  • finishing the edges of your work
  • embellishing crocheted fabric
  • forming combination stitches


is to take attention do not work with a tighty hand or you can curl the work.

Look closely a slip stitch.

How to work slip stitch on the foundation chain:

There are two ways to crochet a slip stitch on the foundation chain : on the front or on the back of the chain.

Frontal foundation chain

If you are a starter is  easily to work on the front, but this mode give a loose base of the work .

Back foundation chain

The expert use this way to work to have a  

Slip stitches Turning chain :

Working in a round or row you have to make a number of turning chain to start a new row or round.

The number of the TURNING CHAIN of the SLIP STITCH are 1

Translation in other languages:

  • Italian: maglia bassissima, maglia passata, punto basso, mezza maglia bassa (mbss)
  • German: Kettmasche (Kett-M)
  • French: maille coulee (mc)
  • Spanish: punto enano (pe)

 Graphic Symbol: 

♥ So we learn how to crochet a SLIP STITCH… and now are you ready to learn the next  crochet stitch point?  ^_^ ♥

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