Crochet Pattern and video tutorial: spiral sea shell

Finally my first summer video tutorial!

I was afraid to crochet some shells applique and now I’m here to show you how to crochet a spiral shell ^_^

Are you ready to crochet?

  • Pattern language: english
  • Category: crochet forms and applique
  • Difficolty: intermedium
  • Terminology: US
  • Hook size: 3 mm
  • Yarn: facoltative, I used a 100% cotton

Stitch library:

Crochet pattern

(follow with the video tutorial on my channel)
  1. begin with a magic ring and 1 chain. Next work inside the ring: 2 single crochet, 2 half double crochet and 8 double crochet. Do not join and the end of the round.
  2.  2 double crochet in the next 4 stitches (on the 2 single crochet and 2 half double crochet of the previous round), 2 treble crochet in the next 6 stitches, 2 double treble crochet in the next 2 stitches.
  3. 2 double treble crochet in the next 8 stitches.
  4. Finish working a reverse single crochet to create a rim. (watch the video tutorial)

Do not tight the yarn and work softly.

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